Quantum Bionic for Joint All-Domain Operations (JADO)

Integrate platforms, sensors, weapons, and combined joint all-domain command and control (C-JADC2) systems with a safe and responsible Human & AI Symbiosis into, and beyond, the era of large scale quantum computers.



Build and deploy Quantum Information Systems at scale with Quantum Bionic™ cloud services, software, tool and services.


Quantum mechanics is a fundamental theory in physics that provides a description of the physical properties of nature at the scale of atoms and subatomic particles. It is the foundation of all quantum physics including quantum chemistry, quantum field theory, quantum computing technology, and quantum information science. 

Quantum Bionic™ is enabling scientists, academic institutions, national labs Fortune 500 companies to accelerate their research, unlock new discoveries and realize practical quantum advantage and information superiority.

By partnering with Quantum Bionic Labs, Inc. scientists, researchers and organizations gain access to Quantum Bionic™ technology stack, enabling them to accelerate the quantization of classical machine learning models and tackle complex challenges in ways never imagined  before in classical computing even with classical supercomputers and the most informed-AI. Our device-independent quantum computing cloud services and unified quantum platform technology architecture are designed to accelerate your journey to a quantum future.

What’s Quantum Bionic™ 

Quantum Bionic™ is a suite of fully managed Quantum Computing cloud services designed for organizations and industry researchers to accelerate high value scientific discoveries, solve complex combinatorial optimizations problems, build and deploy Quantum Cognitive Information Systems based on decades of research in quantum mechanics. Alongside a set of management tools, it provides a series of modular quantum cloud services including computing, data services and streaming analytics, hybrid quantum-classical AI software, combinatorial and quantum annealing optimization solvers..

Q-BIONIC™ Experience Center



Take the Quantum leap in qubit processing power with Quantum Bionic™ cloud services and begin to unlock the potential of quantum science programs.

Quantum Bionic™ is a device independent quantum ecosystem platform  that consists of a suite quantum cloud-based software and specialized AI solutions that  support multiple types of quantum computing technologies including gate-based quantum computers and quantum annealing systems. By harnessing the unique properties of quantum mechanics and building on decades of quantum physics research, we are advancing the state of the art of quantum information science by developing high fidelity quantum cloud software and tools, hybrid-solver services and AI-controlled quantum error correction framework that use QPUs acceleration advantage, targeting a wide rage of quantum hardware,  as well as classical CPUs, TPUs and GPUs compute resources. 



A trusted, scalable, and secure platform that will continue to adapt to our rapidly evolving quantum future, enabling you to access diverse quantum software, hardware, and solutions from Quantum Bionic Labs and our partners.

Device Independent

An open quantum cloud ecosystem, enabling you to choose your own device and access diverse quantum cloud services and solutions from Quantum Bionic Labs and our partners. 

Quantum Hardware

Build and deploy quantum applications across a wide range of hardware including gate-based quantum computers and quantum annealing systems.

Quantum Machine Learning

Model quantum and classical data with quantum circuits on your laptop or using physical quantum computers to optimize and mitigate errors and produce higher quality quantum gates.  

Quantum Communication

Secure your quantum applications and communication workflows with Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) for long-term data protection and Quantum key generation platform for highly secure crypto operations.

Quantum Programming

Build quantum circuits models using your favorite quantum programming framework with  dynamic backend  circuit model translation support for Cirq, Q#, Qiskit, Ocean and Forest.

Quantum Optimization

High-level Quantum Optimization modeling APIs services and pre-build quantum optimization algorithms based on Quadratically Constrained Quadratic Programs for different problem classes.


Quantum Bionic™ Cloud 

Quantum Bionic™ device independent quantum ecosystem platform  consists of a suite quantum cloud-based software and specialized AI solutions, purposely designed to integrate quantum into your workflows, giving you the freedom to target a wide range of quantum computing hardware technologies, including gate-based quantum computers and quantum annealing systems.

Quantum Bionic™ empowers industry researchers and applied scientists across academia and enterprises with frictionless path to quantum development to tackle challenges and combinatorial problems long viewed as impossible to solved even for today’s supercomputers and best-trained AI. Quantum Bionic™ software help solve for complex discrete optimization, constraint satisfaction, artificial intelligence, machine learning, materials science, and simulation problems, offering a fully integrated high-performance turn key quantum solutions, specialized products, integrated high-performance built-in backend quantum-classical cross-platform Deep Learning frameworks and a comprehensive collections of world-class simulators based on cutting edge device independent algorithms.


Quantum Bionic™ AI software

Quantum Bionic™ AI reinforcement learning algorithms are designed and optimized to help mitigate errors and produce higher quality quantum gates based on extensive research in Quantum Machine Learning with a focus on Quantum Dynamic Learning, Quantum Graph Neural Networks, generative modeling of mixed quantum states and classification with Quantum Artificial and Convolutional Neural Networks on near term processor.


Genome.AI™ is a high level Quantum Bionic AI-based Genomics API Library service for complex simulations of potential new therapeutics, to rapidly find and develop genetic medicines. Genome.AI™ Quantum’s ability to accurately model molecular reactions, down to the subatomic level, has profound implications for everything from drug discovery to helping Geneticists rapidly and accurately detect, and characterize coronavirus Variants of (SARS-CoV-2), viral sequences and variant calling, enabling downstream analyses of the COVID-19 virus for tracking, therapeutic and prevention research.


Genome.AI™ incorporates the most advanced biological knowledge, and supports biologists and geneticists with the most powerful automation technologies such as Bionic ML™ for Quantum Machine Learning

Bionic ML™ seamlessly integrates classical machine learning libraries with quantum simulators and hardware, giving scientists and developers the power to train Genome.AI quantum circuit models on different backends.

Quantum Bionic™ Optimizer 

Quantum Bionic™ Optimizer is a suite of high level quantum-inspired optimization (QIO) tools, algorithms and circuits programming frameworks for Quantum Combinatorial Optimization available accessible via QA Bionic Solver™ APIs.

QA Bionic Solver™

QA Bionic Solver™ bridges the gap to the quantum world and paves the way for much faster and efficient solving of today’s most complex business problems. QA Bionic Solver™ APIs and circuits programming libraries are designed to solve large-scale combinatorial optimization problems. Built in Python and C++ and powered by Bionic ML™  and provides solvers such as Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm (QAOA), Variational Quantum Eigensolver (VQE) and Quantum-classical Neural Networks.


QA Bionic Solver™ toolkit enables researchers, developers and scientists to run optimization algorithms on a broad range of industry-scale hardware in a way that is simple and scalable. You have the choice of using your own development environment or fully managed Jupyter notebooks in Quantum Bionic cloud service to build your quantum algorithms and manage experiments. 

To simplify the process of designing and executing quantum algorithms, you can use CircuitsFusion™ enables you to build quantum algorithms using ia wide range of familiar machine learning tools and quantum circuits programming languages, then run them on any compatible quantum hardware.

Bionic ML™ 

Bionic ML™ is a  quantum machine learning framework that provides Quantum-inspired classical algorithms and supervised learning quantum classifiers APIs with intelligent allocation of the quantum processing unit (QPU) but it may also use the CPU of your laptop compute. Available in both C++ and Python for hybrid quantum and classical models, Bionic ML is designed for hybrid classical and near-term quantum computing devices, supporting various quantum information paradigms to train quantum circuit models on different backends.

The unified device architecture of Bionic ML provides quantum computation and optimization support APIs that connects quantum circuit models running on real quantum devices or simulators to a broad range of deep learning frameworks, including  TensorFlow, theano, PyTorch and Keras making them seamlessly interact via CircuitFusion.


CircuitFusion™ is a cross-device quantum-hub library that effortlessly manages the evaluation, training and compute of gradients quantum variational circuits on quantum devices, then retrieves the measurement and state results (including samples, measurement statistics, and probabilities). CircuitFusion support multiple quntum circuits programming libraries including Circq, Q#, Qiskit, Ocean and Forest

Quantum Safe Crypto Network™

Adding a physical Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) layer to Q-Bionic Cloud infrastructure ensures you get a quick start towards quantum-safe security. Woven within the fabric of our Quantum Bionic Software and Q-Bionic™ Cloud infrastructure, quantum cryptography is central to proving our clients quantum-safe communication.   

Quantum Safe Crypto Network™  uses leading 3rd party QKD physical hardware to provide Q-Bionic™ Cloud customers the unique properties of quantum mechanical systems to enable organizations to easily leverage our quantum-ready network encryption solutions and secure data in transit.

Quantum Safe Crypto Network™ provides a truly secure quantum communication and ultimate long-term data protection with quantum-ready network encryption solutions on Quantum Bionic™ Cloud, guaranteeing provably secure key exchange for the encryption of data in motion against even the most complex attacks, ensuring the long-term protection of critical infrastructure.



Joint All-Domain Operations (JADO) 

Together with our partners, we are building an open quantum-safe ecosystem to enable our customers to build and deploy quantum applications at scale while continually improving alongside advancements in both classical and quantum processors.

We partner with industry leaders, quantum hardware technology providers, researchers and applied scientists across academia and enterprises to bring together some of the most compelling and diverse quantum resources and capabilities available today to tackle some of the industry’s most intriguing challenges.